Buy Trees Wholesale

Selling Christmas Trees can be fun and profitable if you have a plan and know at least a little about what you're doing. If you are planning to purchase trees, call or email us so that we can set up a time to discuss your operation and some of the important "dos and don'ts". Often times, a few little things can make a big difference in how you do.

 How can Sandhill help my Christmas tree lot to be more profitable?

  1. Freshness

    With Christmas tree lots, customer retention is the name of the game. If you send your customers home with a beautiful tree that will stay fresh well into January, they will come back next year. While most other farms begin harvesting in early October, we don't cut a single tree until after November 1st. This way you can be confident that your customers will come back year after year.

  2. Flexible Delivery

    For many Christmas tree lots, lack of space is a constraint on sales. To help you overcome this obstacle, Sandhill will divide your order into an initial delivery and a delayed delivery. This will allow you to sell more trees and give you more room to operate.

  3. Web Presence

    You will get your own page in the retail section of this site. This means that someone searching for a Christmas tree lot in your area will find your page on Google or Yahoo. You can provide maps, product info, printable coupons, etc. For an example of this, go to Google and search: "Mitchell, SD Christmas tree lot". Our client's page should be the first search result.

  4. Related Products

    If you run a Christmas tree lot and only sell trees, you’re missing out. A successful Christmas tree lot can increase it’s revenue by about 15% by selling wreaths, garland, stands, etc. Sandhill offers a great selection of “related products” that will help make this your most profitable year ever.